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We want our Democracy

Marched in my first protest in 1968-still protesting the same crap.Wars, discrimination,intolerance. We can stop the wars, but we have to make it impossible for the govt to ignore us-we need HUGE  rallies-civil disobedience. We need to make it clear that shooting down our fellow citizens for no good reason IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BY THE PEOPLE.  Killing Americans for no reason is murder, and we won't tolerate it.We are sick of corporate welfare,sick of subsidizing the rich.We want our democracy!

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ABOVE ..... where is says add your voice .... please have your say!

This site is just beginning construction but YOU are invited  to revolt peacefully with us as I build the site ..... and WE take down the control of the oligarchs at the same time

WE do not have time to wait for the site to be ... ready ... TOGETHER WE have to act NOW






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