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  • published Medicare for all in HOME 2017-09-20 13:58:45 -0400

    Medicare for all


    I watched CBS This Morning discussing Bernie Sanders Medicare for all plan. It is the majority of those of us who are part of the declining middle class that see this as the only way to release our financial pressure. I would rather take what it cost me for medical insurance and medications and have it used to help pay for Medicare for all.
    As it is now medical facilities can refuse to take your insurance and insurance can refuse medical procedures or medication that your Dr says you need.
    Healthcare should not be a for profit business making money off of the sick, disabled and elderly. Medical facilities should not be allowed to refuse insurance and insurance should not be allowed to undermine a Doctors orders for care.
    There are some medical facilities that say they are non profit but their CEO's are making thousands of dollars a day. How is this ok? Please support Medicare for all and work to get it passed. It is a very viable option for all of us. Healthcare should be a right not a choice between the rent and food.