Tulsi is honest and trust worthy.  Rare qualities.  Hope Bernie joins.

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    Democratic and Republican party have merged into our corrupt oligarcy. Big Media T.V and radio are owned by the little pittance of the hopeful elite who bow down to the Bilderbergs. We must fight stand togeather and strip the Demonic state and federal employees out of power one crook at a time. No More bowing down to the letchers. It’s the first step to getting our country back the Bill of rights are not just superfluous words. It is who we are. We the people are the government.


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    We the undersigned encourage TULSI GABBARD to run for PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES in the 2020 election ...
    We will  support her in becoming the FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT of our nation if she will distance herself from the corrupt democrats and lead a NEW PARTY as it's candidate.
    WE will fund her campaign in the same manner as Bernie Sanders did his.
    We have the mechanisms already in place to facilitate the movement. 

    Please .. DONATE .. to accelerate THE MOVEMENT     ... DONATE button is on the  right  


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